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Monday, 28 February 2011

Exciting stuff--steelies flashing at dries

Although it may have helped to attract these steelhead, I can't help but think the stripping action was pulling the fly away from these fish.  Do you agree?  Vote thumbs up for yes or down for no.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fly Fishing Fantasies Dry Fly and Sight Fishing For Steelhead

In 2011, Fly Fishing Fantasies plans to release their feature length steelhead dry fly and sight fishing video, Paid in Full.  Strategies, techniques, and some sweet footage which may just redefine your notion of quality steelheading.

Two Handed Rods For Smaller Steelhead Rivers?

Many of the steelhead rivers I fish are on the smaller side.  They often have brush choked banks.  The fish are from 3-15 pounds with the chance of a rare specimen pushing twenty.  I usually start by skating a dry but will dead drift dries, nymph, and use sink tips.  To date, I've been fishing a Sage 9140-4.  In my opinion, two handed rods are invaluable in opening up water that was extremely difficult to fish with a single hander.  A two handed rod is a given--just the weight, length, and style are in this debate.  I've been told by a trusted source that has sampled many rods that switch rods are awesome for the waters I fish.  He also seemed to lean to 7 or 8 weight two-handers.

I'm looking at picking up a 7 weight switch rod.  The rod I'm currently planning on getting is the Sage 7119-4 TCX.  I'm interested in hearing from people that own 7 and 8 weight two-handed rods as to what they think of these rods for the type of rivers I profiled above (you can even view the video clip in the blog post above to get an idea of river size).  Is a 7 weight switch rod just right?  You can select thumbs up for yes or thumbs down for no but I'd really love to hear your rationale either way.  Just click on the comments link to post a comment.  If you're in a rush, just give me a yes or no.  Cheers!