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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bow Wake Take--Rainbow Style

It's so much fun to fish ponds that're stacked with fish that will take on the surface.  Check out the bow wake take at 5:30 and remember how many times you've pulled the fly away prematurely when you saw a fish coming.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Mountain Hardwear, Sierra Designs, etc Huge Discounts

Camp Anywhere is having a flash sale starting today.  This one is for 6 days--longer than most flash sales.  The discounts are tres large if you beat the buzzer.  I see Mountain Hardware jackets, Sierra Designs sleeping bags, camping gear, knives, and tons more great deals, nearly everything is 40-60% off.  Click through to Camp Anywhere via The Clymb's flash sales site to take advantage.  Bonus:  $1 from every purchase goes to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Always Be Alert to Rising Fish...

and maybe to what's approaching from behind.  Not a lot of great fly fishing content tonight--a little related alternate material will have to do.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Marlin Fishing

Never ceases to amaze me when a 600 lb fish is just bait for sharks.  Check out the feeding frenzy as they pull the remains of this marlin to the surface.

Hurley Flash Sale

Hurley makes some pretty sweet summer wear.  The even better part is they've decided to bring their great stuff to The Clymb for a flash sale.  What is a flash sale?  A flash sale is a combination of deeply discounted sale items that only lasts for a very short period of time.  For the Clymb, their flash sales only last 72 hours.  I've checked out the Hurley flash sale and it seems everything in the sale is in the 40-50% off range.  If this appeals to you, click on through to get it while it lasts--which ain't long (expires March 28 at 8:30 am PDT).  In addition to Hurley, the Clymb is currently having flash sales on watches, sunglasses, backpacks, flip flops, footwear and more by names like Columbia, Dragon, Ocean Minded, etc.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wading Upgrading

Time For New Boots

It was time for new wading boots this year.  I went all out and bought the Simms G4 Guide Boots.  I debated going with a different model that had the reintroduced felt soles as I still feel felt may be a little better on the large greasy boulders I sometimes fish.  There must be others that feel the same way as Simms has begun offering felt as an option on several of their popular wading boots.

The Invaders

The conservationist side of me won out and I went with the Vibram soles and added a set of AlumiBite Cleats for added traction.  I'd love to hear of a good link to the effects of felt on introducing invasive species if anybody knows of some solid recent research.  I know some have recently claimed felt is not the culprit it was made out to be.

Ankle Protection

The boots themselves are very well constructed and comfortable.  They also provide a lot more protection to your ankle bones when they bang between big boulders than the last pair of boots I wore.  Other people really like these boots--they're rated 5/5 by 11 reviewers on the Simms site and 5/5 by 2 reviewers on the Fishwest site as well.  If you do order over the internet, Fishwest seems to have awesome deals on shipping--free on domestic orders and free on international orders if they're over $300.  My buddy Rory has gone with the Simms Rivershed Wading Boots.  We'll give you a report on those when we get a few miles in.

Democracy Inaction?

This little piece of video will sound familiar to all those that fought to save the Kokish River from a hydro project.  I especially love the quote, we've never turned down a salmon farm in the ten years I've been working for DFO.  Community letters 134 against, 1 for.  Count on this farm being approved.  DFO is a bit of a joke when it comes to protecting fish.  Full stop.

World's Largest Freshwater Fish on a Fly?

Quebec Atlantic Salmon--Big Water Edition

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dry Fly Brownies--Tees Edition

If you want to skip straight to the fishing action, it starts at 3:50.  If you want to learn how they might do things a little differently across the pond, watch the lead up.

Aerial Mending

Great little piece on mending to combat different current speeds.

Penns Creek Green Drake Hatch--Brown Trout

Smoking Off An Entire Flyline More Than Once

Giant trevally are just that, giant.  Giant in size, giant in speed, giant in brute force.  Listen to these reels spool out line at breakneck speed and watch the rods gettin worked.  I'd definitely like to give these boys a go.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Fly Fishing Apps

Having an App for knot tying might be helpful when you're on the water.  Orvis has put one out for knots and a number of other fly fishing related topics.  I'm experimenting with a couple new knots right now and I don't have them committed to memory just yet so this might be helpful.

Missouri River Carp?

Carp seem to be all over the shop these days.  I'm not sure how I feel about them being in areas that they're not likely native to but they seem like they're a load to bring in.  What do you guys/gals think of carp?

Friday, 18 May 2012

Shut Up!--Youtube Fishing Instruction

When dad teaches you to cast, a few key points should do it.  A non-stop flurry of commentary may be a little overdone.  If you know this kid and his dad or a pairing like them, this should be good for a laugh as the kid tries to get back at dad youtube style.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Monster Alaskan Pike Fly Fishing--Wild West Edition

What happens when you mix a dash of Scandinavia with a heaping tablespoon of wild west?

I've posted a different trailer for this same film in the past but it's very well done.  Agreed?

Eastern Sierra Trout

Fishing a Man Made Rain Shower

In British Columbia, we're blessed with access to all rivers as long as we walk/wade below the high water mark.  This doesn't always allow you to traverse all rivers but works most of the time.  I've heard some say they like the private waters of other countries in the world because it keeps angler numbers low where you're fishing.  That's great if you have the financial wherewithal but not so much if you don't.  There are landowners that either don't know the law or don't believe people should be able to pass through along the edge of their property.  I guess this landowner in Montana can be counted among the types that don't want people walking anywhere near their property.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Does The Entomologist Believe His Lesson?

The instructor is certainly giving a good lesson here but I found it humorous to look at all the flies hanging from his waders.  They look a little more like streamers/steelhead attractors than the mayflies and caddis flies he speaks of.

Now that I think of it.  Maybe this is meant to be fishing humor.  This piece is listed as part 2 of 1.  Is the joke on me?

Utah's Green River--Very Scenic

You know the river fishing's good when you see the collection of drift boats parked near the end of this piece.

Hunting Rainbow Trout--Freakzhow Edition

Nature Freakz bring us The Hunt trailer.  I liked it.  Whadda you think?

Sarasota Florida Tarpon--Sightfishing Edition

Easily seeing the tarpon coming toward the boat and getting multiple casts at multiple fish is always what you hope for.  Does that mean you'll get a fish to the boat???

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wind Aided Tarpon

Sometimes we want the wind to go away so we can spot fish.  However, the wind can also help to get the fish's guard down and make them more likely to eat.

7 lb Brown on Tenkara???

If people keep catching bigger fish with Tenkara outfits, Tenkara might just become an Olympic sport.  You'll need to be fitter than a curler to pull it off anyway (sorry Canada).

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fishing for Championships

This is a very well edited piece.  It focuses on a topic that bothers many fly fishers.  What're your thoughts.  Is fishing about winning, catching the biggest, the first, the most...?

Islamorada Tarpon--Pony Tail Edition

There seems to be a movement to get female hosts on many fishing shows these days.  Fishing is typically 90% males or more but many are looking to tap into the female market.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dam This Is Good

We seem to be going the wrong direction in British Columbia right now by damming more rivers and limiting the migration, reproduction and growth of all species affected.  It'd be nice if better alternatives were found.  Here's a feel good story about dam removals in Washington State.