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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

I Know What The P Stands For

Reg $299, Epic Sale $144.98
Not sure what the C and the X stand for in Redington's CPX Zip Front waders, but I think I know what the P stands for.  It's worth the extra money.  Trust me, I've been wearing zip fronts for the last year and they'd be very hard to back track on.  Only money would stop a guy from going down that road in the future.

However, pick them up during The Clymb's Epic sale and you can probably pick em up cheaper than a non-zip pair.  They're reduced more than 50%.  The William Joseph WST's are discounted even more--only 38% of retail.

These are not the only deals.  There are rods, float tubes, reels, jackets, etc.  And that's only in the fishing section.  There are tons of other categories.  Check em out by clicking through to The Clymb.

Missouri River Trout

One of those days where good vids are hittin back to back to back.

Missouri River Driftin' from Quinn LeSage on Vimeo.


You know how some pools are just impressive; jewels; incredible.  I like the looks of this pool.

The Salmon Hole from Max Erickson on Vimeo.

Fire in the Firehole

Yukon Goes Fishing (YGF) looks to have been beating up on the late season big boys.  Gotta love it when the water temps drop into prime feeding shape and the fish look to fatten up for winta.

What Can Browns Do For You? from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


The Clymb is having a sale of Epic proportions--up to 99% off definitely qualifies.  A little Christmas shopping for fishing gear, snow apparel, camping equipment and more.  Or for yourself--you deserve it too.  Sale starts tomarra marnin at 8 Eastern.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Leeches for Big Trout

Leech sunglasses that is.  Although this appears to be a Leech Eyewear advert it's all fishin all the time.  Plenty of good sight fishing for trout taking dries.

If you want to check out Leech Sunglasses, click through to their website.

Ross Reels Flash Sale

Vexsis 1.5 3-5 weight
Reg $325, Flash Sale $229.98
The Clymb is hosting a flash sale for Ross Reels.  If you were thinking about a new reel, this deal applies to many models and has deep discounts.  Clymb aboard.


Check out the brawn of the brown at 10:06.  And just by mentioning 10:06, any blemishes the trout may have gone were magically scrubbed away.

It also looks like Latitude Guiding might be a good call if you're a trout nut with the dinero to fly to New Zealand.  I love casting to sighted fish-combines the attraction of hunting with the attraction of fishing and yet you can still release the fish into the wild after landing them.