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Monday, 15 October 2012

I Know What The P Stands For

Reg $299, Epic Sale $144.98
Not sure what the C and the X stand for in Redington's CPX Zip Front waders, but I think I know what the P stands for.  It's worth the extra money.  Trust me, I've been wearing zip fronts for the last year and they'd be very hard to back track on.  Only money would stop a guy from going down that road in the future.

However, pick them up during The Clymb's Epic sale and you can probably pick em up cheaper than a non-zip pair.  They're reduced more than 50%.  The William Joseph WST's are discounted even more--only 38% of retail.

These are not the only deals.  There are rods, float tubes, reels, jackets, etc.  And that's only in the fishing section.  There are tons of other categories.  Check em out by clicking through to The Clymb.

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