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Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Great Gear Story

For a fly fisher, awesome gear that keeps you comfortable can keep you on the water to enjoy that incredible fishing day.  For me living on the wet coast, I target the conditions that keep other people at home.  Anadromous species, be they steelhead or trout, move into rivers, become more active, etc when the tap is turned on.  Patagonia has put together a video about people that have used great gear for years, or even decades.

I have some Paddy gear myself that may be in to its second decade.  I can't think of stitching ever coming apart.  The fabric may wear out around the zippers, but the zipper still functions.  Their clothing is awesome.  The Worn Wear story is also pretty cool to check out.

Massive Flash Sale--Black Friday Edition

The Clymb has a massive sale going on for tons of outdoorsy items.  Click on through to get huge discounts.

Link:  The Clymb

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Fish Bowl

This is a FFF original.  It was some of the very first video footage I ever shot with the idea of "putting it out there".  The camera was standard definition but the scene was solid gold in my opinion.  Two fishing buddies working as one.  One working the rod, the other being the set of eyes.

Two feet further up.  That was right over him.  He bit it, he bit it, he bit it....

The Fish Bowl--Steelhead Edition from Fly Fishing Fantasies on Vimeo.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thompson River Regulations Proposals

Maybe the right person expressed their opinion in the right forum.

Link:  Thompson River Steelhead Management Proposal

Bob Hooton talks Thomspon River reg's

Via A River Never Sleeps


Monster Steel

Double Spey Tips

Tips are short, sweet and to the point here.  I've been focussing on inclining to the highest point and stopping high on the forward stroke.  I think I'll give this less inclined sweep a go and then circle up to see if it makes a positive difference in my cast.

Maybe there's something useful in this for you as well.  Whaddya think?

The skagit style double spey on a Great Lakes steelhead tributary from Doug Swift on Vimeo.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Russian River

Well okay, maybe that was a cheap trick.  This is actually The Russian Rocket on the day his jersey was retired in Vancouver.  What a player.  I remember training for a Seven-A-Side tour at UBC in Vancouver while Pavel was out doing plyometrics style training on his own with some sort of personal trainer.  This was before you heard about personal trainers.  He was the most exciting player you could ever imagine watching, probably because he was also likely one of the hardest working players you could ever imagine.

Flash Sale--Baselayers Edition

Flash Sale $39.98, Retail $110
Baselayers from Columbia, Adidas, Cloudveil and many more at great markdowns.  Also on flash sale today are:  Zoot footwear, Spy sunglasses, Endeavor Snowboards, and more.  Click through to The Clymb to get some.

Link:  The Clymb

Multi Day Float Trip Steelheading--Grande Ronde Edition