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Saturday, 31 March 2012

You Know Something's Wrong When...

You know those days when the fish show up in massive schools, you think you're going to load up, but...?

Colorado Recreational Property Anyone?

A, I don't have the cash and B, I'm too young to retire, but these properties look like a fly fisher's dream spot for a cabin/home.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nymphing for Big Browns

For the text and photos (of browns to the mid 20 range) that tie this trout fishing techniques piece together, check out yesterday's blog entry entitled Fall and Winter Coastal Nymphing in Sage's blog, THE CURRENT.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Run of River and Freedom of Information

Here's a link to an article publicizing the results of Run of River power based on information obtained via a Freedom of Information request.  To summarize, Run of River compromises fish and fish habitat.  Who could've predicted that?  Hundreds of dead fish on multiple occasions is unacceptable.  Let's hope DFO has the gumption to nix all future Run of River projects in anadromous fish habitat.  Crashing wild fish numbers and artificially enhanced numbers via hatchery production are both wrong.  Fix the problem, not the symptoms.

Please email the contacts listed in my previous post before the DFO makes their decision on the Kokish River.  Their decision is due to come down any day so write fast.

Big Icelandic Brown Trout--Tungulaekur Edition

Great fishing, grate conditions, great big brownies, very scenic.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Luckiest Man--Trout Fly Fishing

Calgary Brown Trout

Calgary Alberta Canada's Bow River is one of the world's finest brown trout fisheries.  Check out the gorgeous brown at 1:42.  This guy's fishing buddy's more attractive than most of mine as well.   Some guys have all the luck...

Winter Steelhead--North Oregon Coast Edition

Uruguay Fly Fishing

The blue wolf fish.  Can't say I've ever heard of it but there's some cool fishing in this vid.

Gregor and I played in a sevens rugby tournament in Punta Del Este Uruguay two seasons in a row.  We had an amazing time there but the focus was fairly different than this.  I remember feeling like a bit of a celebrity as we were ushered into the club that held the post tournament party.  Girls grabbed onto each arm as we were being moved past the massive line up to get in.  Turns out they were most likely after a way to circumvent the line--scheming women.

Montana Trout--Yeti & Leprechaun Edition

Many of you will have seen lots of Montana trout fishing pieces by Yukon Goes Fishing.  Today he & his new pals are working the Bitterroot.

Monday, 5 March 2012

A Backyard In...(Holiday Whobewhatee)

There seems to a lot of backyards out there these days.  I know I'm trying to decrease the size of my backyard but all these Scandinavians are going in the opposite direction. 

Black & Blue Egg Sucking Intruder

Wicked fly.  Swim tank needs cleaning however.

Big Brown Trout--Tassie Edition

Back in '96 I spent five months in New Zealand.  A local I fished with a number of times had gone to Uni in Tasmania and talked about having some great trout fishing there as well.  Although I normally shy away from slideshows on a video dominated blog, this one's a very good slideshow of some Tassie fishing.

Switch Lines & Rods

I haven't sampled the RIO SCANDI SHORT VERSI TIP FLY LINE yet but after watching Simon Gawesworth work them in this video, I'm pretty keen to get my hands on one or two to try on my favourite rods of late--switch rods.  Last year I bought a Sage 7119-4 TCX.  It immediately became my favourite rod.  My single handed 8 weight had previously been dropped by my first two handed rod, the Sage 9140-4.  Now the 9140-4 has been replaced with the 7119-4.  As a result, I've currently got another switch rod on the way--the Sage 8119-4 TCX.  I was planning on fishing the Skagit Flight on the new rod and an older RIO Skagit line on the 7119.  However, I may look to try the Scandi Short versions if I can locate a couple.  Sounds like they were designed specifically for these lighter, shorter switch rods in the exact type of rivers I love to fish.

RIO Scandi Short VersiTip Fly Line from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bow River Trout

Some big brownies in this piece.

What Ya Gonna Do

Bad boys, bad boys...

Sick in this vid could mean a few things.  Sick in the new sense because of the big browns.  Or sick in the old sense because of the lack of a tripod causing that sea sick feeling.  Although the shaky videography was difficult to watch at times, there was also something quite compelling about this video.  Big trout, beautiful environments, people having a great time, etc.  And of course the bad boys chase at the end put a bit of a bow on the whole gift.

Almost Went Steelheading Today

I've got a multi day steelheading trip coming up soon but I almost snuck in a day trip today.  Almost.  If you've steelheaded but have never experienced two handed rods/spey casting, here's a short vid about Skagit Casting.  Skagit Casting seems to have taken over on many of the steelhead rivers of the west coast.  It's the bees knees on rivers with limited casting room.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gettin 'er Done Is All In The Camo--Grayling Edition

This guy's desire to fly fish is comical but illustrates that you can still enjoy the sport with price point gear.  If you can afford it, the Islander LX reel on a Sage One with a RIO Gold is wicked for trout or grayling but there's also price point gear available like the Sage Vantage, Islander IR series, or even more economical rods, reels and lines.  Believe me, the best thing for the equipment manufacturers is for more people to get into the sport as they may become future customers.  I don't, however, recommend the line twisting action of a fly line on a spinning reel.  I think Simon Gawesworth would back me up on that one.  Maybe all you need is the camo?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Updated Addresses for Emails to Save the Kokish

If everyone thinks someone else will raise a stink, there won't be a single letter written.  Here are some updated addresses and a link to an entire blog about the Kokish River's plight.  We need you to write and to write today as the decision is due to come down within days.  Copy your message to all four email addresses.

Political Minister for BC, James Moore 604-937-5650
Local MP and Cabinet Minister John Duncan 250-338-9381
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield 613-992-1067
DFO Regional Director General Susan Farlinger 604-666-6098

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival--2012 Entry

At least if you don’t make the World Cup of Rugby squad you can still be named a non-traveling reserve. Unfortunately the International Fly Fishing Film Festival appears to have no such faint hope clause. I guess a video can’t really blow its knee and need a replacement flown in.

Here’s the trailer for Dry Steel--Fly Fishing Fantasies’ unsuccessful entry into the 2012 IF4. Like last week, I’m seeking feedback from former IF4 and F3T attendees that have insight into the type of videos that make it in or that you’d like to see make it in. Please share your thoughts in the comment box on Vimeo or in the comment link on my blog at Much appreciated for any constructive criticism you have or, in Caleb Rheinhold of Fish Porn Fix’s case, any shredding you need to do. I’m hoping to make improvements and make the grade in the future.

Monster Brown--Michigan Trout Edition

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Trout Fly Fishing--Finnmark Edition

Only Photos, But What Photos

My Message to DFO: Save the Kokish

This is my email to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in opposition to the proposed Kokish River hydro project.  Please make the time to send your own message and do it fast as a decision is due to come down in a matter of days.  If you want to send an email, click on this DFO contact link.

I'm writing to express my opposition to the Kokish River power project proposal.  The health of all steelhead and salmon rivers have been in decline for decades.  This is undoubtedly largely due to the hands of man and our penchant for abusing the habitats these fish live in for our own purposes.  Power can be generated via wind turbines or other methods--hydro does not have to be the main power generating method.  I urge you to protect all steelhead and salmon rivers, starting with the Kokish.  Please act on behalf of Canada's anadromous fish and turn down this proposal.  I would also like to see a policy that sends a message that all steelhead and salmon rivers remain free flowing and uncompromised.  That, along with habitat rehabilitation for our past transgressions, are our best hopes to rebuild Canada's anadromous fish populations.

Roy Wheeldon

Roy Wheeldon
Fly Fishing Fantasies
Skate First, Ask Questions Later

Willie Mitchell on Kokish River's Last Gasp

Only you and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) can save the Kokish River now.  The provincial government has dropped the ball, letting one of Vancouver Island's last decent east coast steelhead rivers be decimated by their approval of a Run of River power project.

NHL defenceman and Van Isle native Willie Mitchell is one of many BC residents or groups throwing their names into the ring in the hopes of having the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the final gatekeeper for all Run of River power projects, turn down Brookfield's extremely harmful power project proposal.  Below is today's Vancouver Sun advertisement hoping to create a last minute swell of opposition.  Please contact the DFO and let your voice be heard quickly.  We're likely only days away from their decision.  I plan to email them right now to express my opposition, hopefully you will too.

Am I some kind of ___hole?

Think Positive
As a steelheader, it's important to think positive all the time.  These fish ain't easy so you gotta believe you're gonna get one on the next cast, on the next trip, in the next pool...  

Going Off
I posted the trailer for my unsuccessful entry for The 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo to get some constructive criticism as to how I could improve for future film tour submissions.  My blogging buddy, Caleb Rheinhold, of Fish Porn seemed to have the day off and as a result, he went off.  Because I want to focus on the positive, I'll just copy some of the good points he made.  I'll save his unminced yet very thorough critique for me to learn from or you to find on Fish Porn for yourself if you so desire.  

20x As Epic As RA Beattie?

Here's some of what Caleb had to say (in blue):

This is about catching steelhead on dry flies. Steelhead are notoriously  pretty much impossibly hard to catch on wet flies, and this mofo has enough time on his hands to make his time on the water that much more difficult. Let me give you some food for thought: this video  was the coolest thing since sliced bread because those bad boys were eating top water. Now that I’ve had some time to calm down since I saw that piece of dirtiness that RA blessed us with, I’ve realized this isn’t even that cool because 1.) those are redfish and they eat anything and everything and 2.) because topwater “gurgler” type flies are around for a reason. Either way though, topwater eats are the shit and I hadn’t seen anything like it on video yet and my mind was blown. But this is at least 20x as epic as that. This is STEELHEAD EATING ON THE TOP. You don’t even fish for them that way unless you’re some kind of asshole. But if you can pull it off, I’d say you’re doing some epic fishing. And that’s what this is, epic fishing.

Now RA Beattie, whom Caleb refers to, is pretty near or even at the top of the fly fishing film heap so these comments are massive in my eyes.  I really respect nearly everything I see from RA.  Caleb finished his critique by saying:  
I’ll be buying Roy’s DVD. I’m a sucker for fish porn. 

If you want a taste for why Caleb's so keen on our footage, check out the official trailer.

If you gotta have the video after that, go to or your local fly shop to purchase.  We usually ship the very next business day.  If your local fly shop doesn't have it, ask them to order it in or order direct from us.