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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gettin 'er Done Is All In The Camo--Grayling Edition

This guy's desire to fly fish is comical but illustrates that you can still enjoy the sport with price point gear.  If you can afford it, the Islander LX reel on a Sage One with a RIO Gold is wicked for trout or grayling but there's also price point gear available like the Sage Vantage, Islander IR series, or even more economical rods, reels and lines.  Believe me, the best thing for the equipment manufacturers is for more people to get into the sport as they may become future customers.  I don't, however, recommend the line twisting action of a fly line on a spinning reel.  I think Simon Gawesworth would back me up on that one.  Maybe all you need is the camo?

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