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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Am I some kind of ___hole?

Think Positive
As a steelheader, it's important to think positive all the time.  These fish ain't easy so you gotta believe you're gonna get one on the next cast, on the next trip, in the next pool...  

Going Off
I posted the trailer for my unsuccessful entry for The 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo to get some constructive criticism as to how I could improve for future film tour submissions.  My blogging buddy, Caleb Rheinhold, of Fish Porn seemed to have the day off and as a result, he went off.  Because I want to focus on the positive, I'll just copy some of the good points he made.  I'll save his unminced yet very thorough critique for me to learn from or you to find on Fish Porn for yourself if you so desire.  

20x As Epic As RA Beattie?

Here's some of what Caleb had to say (in blue):

This is about catching steelhead on dry flies. Steelhead are notoriously  pretty much impossibly hard to catch on wet flies, and this mofo has enough time on his hands to make his time on the water that much more difficult. Let me give you some food for thought: this video  was the coolest thing since sliced bread because those bad boys were eating top water. Now that I’ve had some time to calm down since I saw that piece of dirtiness that RA blessed us with, I’ve realized this isn’t even that cool because 1.) those are redfish and they eat anything and everything and 2.) because topwater “gurgler” type flies are around for a reason. Either way though, topwater eats are the shit and I hadn’t seen anything like it on video yet and my mind was blown. But this is at least 20x as epic as that. This is STEELHEAD EATING ON THE TOP. You don’t even fish for them that way unless you’re some kind of asshole. But if you can pull it off, I’d say you’re doing some epic fishing. And that’s what this is, epic fishing.

Now RA Beattie, whom Caleb refers to, is pretty near or even at the top of the fly fishing film heap so these comments are massive in my eyes.  I really respect nearly everything I see from RA.  Caleb finished his critique by saying:  
I’ll be buying Roy’s DVD. I’m a sucker for fish porn. 

If you want a taste for why Caleb's so keen on our footage, check out the official trailer.

If you gotta have the video after that, go to or your local fly shop to purchase.  We usually ship the very next business day.  If your local fly shop doesn't have it, ask them to order it in or order direct from us.

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