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Friday, 2 March 2012

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival--2012 Entry

At least if you don’t make the World Cup of Rugby squad you can still be named a non-traveling reserve. Unfortunately the International Fly Fishing Film Festival appears to have no such faint hope clause. I guess a video can’t really blow its knee and need a replacement flown in.

Here’s the trailer for Dry Steel--Fly Fishing Fantasies’ unsuccessful entry into the 2012 IF4. Like last week, I’m seeking feedback from former IF4 and F3T attendees that have insight into the type of videos that make it in or that you’d like to see make it in. Please share your thoughts in the comment box on Vimeo or in the comment link on my blog at Much appreciated for any constructive criticism you have or, in Caleb Rheinhold of Fish Porn Fix’s case, any shredding you need to do. I’m hoping to make improvements and make the grade in the future.

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