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Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Message to DFO: Save the Kokish

This is my email to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in opposition to the proposed Kokish River hydro project.  Please make the time to send your own message and do it fast as a decision is due to come down in a matter of days.  If you want to send an email, click on this DFO contact link.

I'm writing to express my opposition to the Kokish River power project proposal.  The health of all steelhead and salmon rivers have been in decline for decades.  This is undoubtedly largely due to the hands of man and our penchant for abusing the habitats these fish live in for our own purposes.  Power can be generated via wind turbines or other methods--hydro does not have to be the main power generating method.  I urge you to protect all steelhead and salmon rivers, starting with the Kokish.  Please act on behalf of Canada's anadromous fish and turn down this proposal.  I would also like to see a policy that sends a message that all steelhead and salmon rivers remain free flowing and uncompromised.  That, along with habitat rehabilitation for our past transgressions, are our best hopes to rebuild Canada's anadromous fish populations.

Roy Wheeldon

Roy Wheeldon
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