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Friday, 25 March 2011

The Beginning Spey Caster

Two of the Easiest

My suggestion for a beginning spey caster is to learn a waterborne anchor cast for your upstream and downstream shoulder.  You should be able to execute these casts from both sides.  This will cover up and downstream winds and obstructions on your left or right side.

I personally began by working on the double spey for a downstream shoulder cast and the snap-T for an upstream shoulder cast.  These casts are both waterborne anchor casts that don't require as much timing as airborne anchor casts.  Below is a short clip that has both of these casts and the snake roll for an idea of what they look like.  I'd save the snake roll for later.  I suspect, like me, these fellows are not certified casting instructors so don't be too hard on us.


To accelerate your learning curve, taking a lesson is ideal but picking up a casting video or book is also good.  I'd lean to the video over the book as I'm a believer in "a picture says a thousand words."  Video of course takes this one step further--spoken like a true Canadian videographer 'eh.  I didn't take a casting lesson but picked my buddy Gregor's brain as he'd taken lessons and had a year's worth of practice in when I began.  I did however buy RIO's Modern Speycasting DVD which was a huge help and which I highly recommend.

If you'd like some take home material to reference while learning to spey cast, you can order both videos and books by going to the Maps, Books, & Videos tab at or you can click the Fishwest logo on the right for a slightly more limited selection. 

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