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Monday, 21 March 2011

Dry Fly Trout

Where It All Begins

I cut my teeth dry fly fishing for trout.  It's where many a steelheader began their fishing journey.  Growing up in Roderick Haig-Brown's former neighbourhood, my journey began with sea run cutthroat.  For many river trout fishers, the quarry is rainbow or brown trout.  I suspect RA Beattie, whose video piece is below, may well have started out chasing browns and rainbows judging by where he's from and what he produces.  I've oogled some of the action in this sequence for quite a while and thought many of you would enjoy seeing it.

The Beauty

There are many things I like about this piece by RA.  The slow motion gives you plenty of time to appreciate the action, the pristine wilderness just makes you want to get out there, and the dry fly experience is like no other in fly fishing.  Hope you like it too.

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