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Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm Waiting...For Rising Steelhead

Raising the ghost is my favourite steelheading film.  Other films, like Metalhead, show impressive fish, but can't compare with the quality of the experience.  Many aspire to catch steelhead, often referred to as the ultimate freshwater game fish.  A number of people then take on the challenge of catching them on the fly.  A precious few manage to reach the pinnacle of steelhead fly fishing--taking a steelhead on the dry.  Next we move to splitting hairs--multi-fish dry fly days, taking actively feeding steelhead on imitations of the natural food source, etc.  I've had the former and I've only seen the latter once.  Unfortunately, the steelhead I saw rising with abandon were rising for tiny size 14 ants and I had no match in my fly box.  It was a spectacle to see these fish parked sideways in pools, patrolling for the next ant splat.  And when the splat came, they were on it like white on rice.  Hopefully I'll run into this scenario again as my box now carries, you guessed it, size 14 ants.  I'm waiting........

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