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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rainbow versus Brown

I've fished browns a fair bit.  They grow big and they dog it out.  But they don't compare to a similarly sized rainbow.  Is this just my bias or is there science to back it up.  I've hunted the internet for burst speeds of different fish.  The article I read claimed an adult steelhead has nearly twice the burst speed of a brown trout.  There have been several comments on the internet about the amazing number of twists and turns some of the steelhead pull off in the air on our teaser.  Burst speeds give us a great deal of insight into why a steelhead can run and jump like no other fish and why they're considered by many to be the ultimate freshwater gamefish.

If you haven't seen our teaser yet, here it is.  If you can't see the video link, go to


  1. Awesome video!!! Great blog, you got a new follower

  2. Thanks for the comments Dustin--great to have you on board.