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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Flip the Switch

Summer weather can be both very comfortable to fish in and difficult to catch lethargic fish at the same time.  But when the water conditions cooperate, it can be awesome.  These boys seem to be finding some productive water to work.

They're working a switch rod, which simply means it's designed to be cast two handed or single handed.  I've been working my new switch rod this year as well.  It's a Sage 7119-4, which to the uninitiated means it's a 7 weight 11 foot 9 inch 4 piece.  This rod is about two thirds the weight of a straight two hander and the casting action is sweeeet.  It's been handling the fish extremely well to boot.  My old 9 weight two hander will most likely be relegated to the extremely big water of winter.

If you can't see the video link, go to

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