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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Graphite Anniversary

My First

Not sure exactly when I bought my first Sage rod, but it may be over twenty years ago.  It was an eight weight (896-4 RPL) intended for fishing winter steelhead.  Sage rods were among the very best of rods at the time and still are.


My next purchase was a five weight (590-4 RPL +) that I bought in 1996 in preparation for five months in New Zealand fishing trout and playing rugby.  Okay it was also my honeymoon.  This was intended to be the rod that, like my wife, completed me.  I had a steelhead rod and a trout rod and being a river fanatic in the Pacific Northwest, I needed nothing more--or so I thought.

The Graphite Anniversary

For our tenth anniversary, I got my wife's ring redone.  She loved it and wears it every day.  I on the other hand, got a Sage 9140-4 two handed rod.  Funny how you never regret spending a sizeable chunk of your disposable income on things you love--yes, I mean you honey.  Honey can refer to multiple things right?  Apparently the rod that completed me ten years previous didn't.  How was I to know the two handed revolution would change the face of steelhead fly fishing.  Some of those formerly nasty to fish places have become great producers.

Living the Dream

Fitting that this blog entry is just days after our fifteenth anniversary.  When I play it all back, there seems to be a link between anniversaries and great gifts.  Somebody obviously knows me well.  Last year I had a taste of the dream.  I've been working hard the last couple of years to complete a dry line focused steelhead fly fishing video.  I put myself out there at a fly fishing symposium in Victoria and happened to cross paths with Sage's Western Canadian rep, Peter Morrison.  In response to seeing excerpts from our video,  Peter offered me a Sage sponsorship arrangement where I could purchase Sage products at reduced rates--kinda the employee family pricing type of deal.  As a friend said, you're living the fly fisher's dream.

Starving Artist

Although money is very tight being a start up operation with a dream, I still managed to squeeze out enough money to purchase two new rods to test drive in our video.  I've wanted a lighter two hander for summer run fishing ever since I realized the massive benefits of the two handed rod for winter steelhead.  Although the 8129-4 Z -Axis I purchased is also a sweet rod, the rod that gets all the work these days is the 7119-4 TCX.  It's light but easily handled the biggest steelies we were able to throw at it this year.  It's also a dream to cast with a dry line.

The Ultimate Dream

I've always wanted to fish the Dean River.  I'm hoping a wealthy donor will come my way soon, purchase all the filming, editing, and fishing equipment my little heart could desire and cover the cost of a trip to the Dean for me and a few buddies.  The donor is of course invited too.  Although the lodge experience would likely be awesome, I'd be overjoyed to be heli-dropped on the bar of a great run with my camping and fishing gear.  When it comes right down to it, it'll likely be the fishing, scenery and time with great friends that I remember most fondly.

Jerry Siem

I know Jerry Siem is Sage's legendary rod designer but can he talk to the powers that be and have them man up the designs of anniversary gifts a little.  I propose the tenth anniversary becomes the graphite anniversary.  Of course we'll need the aluminum bar stock anniversary, the drift boat anniversary, etc., etc.
Happy anniversary honey!

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