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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Patagonia--Trout Rivers/Catch Basin?

Patagonia.  Incredibly scenic!

I don't speak the language of this video's creator, but I think I get the gist.  Hydro power trumps ecotourism and the environment in general.  Again.

How is it that a region of the world known as one of the windiest places on earth chooses hydropower over wind turbines?  Am I not that informed on wind turbines or is this just about big bucks?

Closer to home for me, I hear the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is about to release their decision on Vancouver Island, British Columbia's Kokish River hydro project.  To wipe out runs of steelhead and salmon that feed the whale's that whale watching boats depend on, bears that many also pay to see, etc, is an absolute shame.  These runs also support guided fishing trips and many locals spending their hard earned dollars on fishing gear, lodging, etc.

Get in your last yell for the Kokish before it's too late.  That means today!

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