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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Ultimate Wet Coast Fishing Pack

Dry Creek Rolltop Backpack
Living on the west coast, we get a lot of rain.  Given these conditions, what is the ultimate fishing pack.  Obviously different people have different needs so my preferred choice may well be different than yours.  For my requirements, only two brands seem to be in the running--Simms and Sage.

Here are my requirements:
  1. large capacity as I sometimes bite off portions of a river that will take me the better part of a day to fish.  I also carry more camera equipment than the average bear.
  2. water resistant at the very least, preferably waterproof due to west coast rain storms and deep wading
  3. easy access
  4. comfort
Dry Creek Chest Pack
With these requirements in mind, the following items would definitely be on my wish list:
  1. Simms Dry Creek Rolltop Backpack
    1. large capacity:  1365 cubic inch
    2. rolltop closure:  these always give me more confidence than zippers in their ability to hold out water.  They may also be easier to close than some of the zippers I've experienced on water resistant/water proof items to date.
    3. easy access may appear to be a fail as there's no up front quick access to flies, tippet, etc.  However, Simms includes connection systems on the shoulder straps where you can attach a Dry Creek Chest Pack for items you use a lot.  The thing I really like about chest packs is they ride high enough to stay out of the water when deep wading, which is common for my fishing outings.  The combination of rolltop backpack and chest pack definitely tops my wish list.
    4. The comfort of a sturdy waist strap is the one thing that might sway me to the Sage Typhoon Backpack even though it does not appear to be as water tight.
  2. Simms Dry Creek Day Pack
    1. still likely large enough capacity if you're not hauling camera equipment around--1173 cubic inches
    2. zipper closure:  not as water resistant as the rolltop closure--Simms lists the rolltop pack as water tight while this one's listed as not submersible
    3. Typhoon Backpack
    4. same comments as number three above
  3. Sage Typhoon Backpack
    1. tres large: 1709 cubic inches
    2. zipper closures
    3. Typhoon Chest Pack
    4. in combination with the Typhoon Chest Pack you get the easy access I require.  I've been fishing with the Typhoon Chest Pack recently and really like the ability to access oft needed items without needing to remove your backpack.  However, the D-Loops on the backpack straps don't seem to be specially designed to work together in securing the Typhoon Chest Pack.  The chest pack has a neck strap and a chest strap that I think would be improved if they designed it to connect with the shoulder straps on the backpack.  However, I still think this would be a very good combination to fish with while keeping your gear dry.
    5. A big bonus the Sage Typhoon Backpack has is a sturdy waist strap that would likely help to distribute the weight of the backpack.  I'd love to try one out to see if the waist strap of the Sage pack is more important to me than the water tightness of the Simms Rolltop Backpack.

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