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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Water Proof Fishing Jackets

Ride Out The Storm
Staying out on the water in a deluge can bring amazing results.  You're often the only one willing to tough it out and the fish will turn on to boot.  If you plan to ride out the storm, a good rain jacket is a must.

Tried and True Jacket Designers
A couple of fishing specific jacket makers that have more than proven themselves are Simms and Patagonia.  I've yet to own a Simms jacket but their jackets seem to be donned by many a hard core fisher, and that is a great sign of their quality.  I've owned a few Patagonia jackets over the years and they're also very good.  I prefer the deep wading design jackets.  They don't double as a trendy wear around town jacket but I don't mind staying home if the weather's nasty when I need a few groceries.

New Release
Patagonia has just released a new jacket design dubbed the River Salt jacket.  This jacket is made from their wader material.  If the material keeps you dry fully submerged as a wader it should definitely keep you dry above the water's surface as well.

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