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Friday, 15 February 2013

Summer Run Steelheading--Get Ready

Although we're in the heat of winter steelheading season, it's summer runs that really get my juices flowing.  When the water warms, steelhead get much more aggressive.  They'll come to the surface to smash dries.  The most effective method for taking these incredible fish on the surface is skating.  If you want to learn how to take steelhead on the surface, grab a copy of our video, Paid in Full.  Paid in Full has a chapter entitled Skate U.  Skate U will teach you the key points to help you raise steelhead to the surface.  I've found no parallel in the sport.  To get your hands on a copy, click through to

Here's what Fish Porn Fix's Caleb Rheinhold had to say about some of the footage in Paid in Full:  “This is at least 20x as epic as (RA Beattie’s Topwater Redfish). This is STEELHEAD EATING ON THE TOP. You don’t even fish for them that way unless you’re some kind of asshole. But if you can pull it off, I’d say you’re doing some epic fishing. And that’s what this is, epic fishing.”

Here's the latest trailer:

Skate from Fly Fishing Fantasies on Vimeo.

And here's the link to purchase the video directly from Fly Fishing Fantasies if you're interested:

Link:  Paid in Full

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