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Friday, 1 March 2013

Don't Get Steamed

Flash Sale $11.98, Retail $25
The boys and girls of Dragon's Den or Shark Tank always seem to believe in building a better mouse trap.  We've seen all sorts of face masks come out in recent years but none that I've noticed let the moisture from your breath out if you cover your mouth.  Enter Air Hole (not A Hole).  Air Hole Face Masks are on sale through The Clymb today for less than half price.  Get it!

Air Hole makes men's styles, women's styles, scarf versions and even humorous versions like big moustache designs or the chewbacca look.

Today's flash sales also include Salomon, Strider, Lonely Planet, Ocean Minded, Gore, Campagnolo, Cannondale, Electric, Optic Nerve, Von Zipper, and 2XU.

Link:  The Clymb

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