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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sage Technical Packs

I have the chest pack from this line of packs.  I love it but I'd love for it to be able to attach to the shoulder straps of the backpack to take the strain off my neck during long outings.  If this was incorporated, I'd be looking to get a backpack chestpack combination in short order.  These packs don't get heavy in the rain and do a great job of keeping your important stuff from the elements.  The backpack also looks to have a well designed waist strap and shoulder straps for comfort during long days fishing.  The only two real players I've seen in water proof backpack chestpack combinations are Sage and Simms.  From a distance I'd give the edge to Sage in the strap comfort category and I'd give Simms the edge in the chestpack to backpack attachments.

Sage Technical Bags & Packs from Far Bank on Vimeo.

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