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Monday, 10 November 2014

West Coast Wild

West Coast Wild, a fly fishing adventure series I've recently been a part of filming, would love your voting help to get their web series funded to the tune of as much as $60000.  This series will follow the life struggles, epic adventures, and evolving relationships among a group of fly fishermen as they trek in to the wilds of BC.  If successful, West Coast Wild will be one of 15 BC creator groups to receive a $10000 grant to film a pilot episode.  If we’re named the top project among these 15 groups, we’d be given a further $50000 to film the complete series.  Here’s a link to our pitch.

Maximizing Your Votes

To ensure voting is fair and not “gamed”, you’re required to sign up (top right corner) at Storyhive with your email address to be a community voter.  If you just want to vote for our project, you’re allowed to cast 5 of your 10 allotted votes to our project, West Coast Wild.  If you want to make it more likely our pitch will get funded (please, please, please), you can get as many as three bonus votes to apply to our project.  To get these three additional votes, you can complete your entire profile instead of just filling out your email address, you can apply your remaining 5 votes to other projects, and you can SHARE any project (West Coast Wild hopefully).  If you max out, you’ll have been able to cast 8 votes for West Coast Wild.  If you need any help with maximizing votes, email and I’ll do my best to help.


To vote, sign up or log in to Storyhive’s homepage.  Then move your mouse over any image and hit the VOTE button.  On mobile displays, tap on the image to see the vote button.  On any project page, hit the big yellow VOTE button located top right.  Voting begins on November 10th and runs for three weeks.  Please vote for our project, we’d really appreciate the help.

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