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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Boldly Go

Boldly go, or just dumb___?  When it comes to videos, DVD's look to be on their way out.  Can Blu-ray be far behind?  Fly Fishing Fantasies has chosen to host their new release, Paid in Full, online.  What're the benefits to YOU?

Benefits of Online Video Hosting versus Disks:

  1. better picture quality than standard DVD’s
  2. cheaper than Blu-ray
  3. internet hosted so you never have to worry about damaging or losing (aka your fishing buddy lifted it) your DVD/Blu-ray or worry that you can’t play it once disks and disk players are totally phased out
  4. you can purchase from home and be watching your video the same day in some circumstances (ie we are not out filming)
  5. you can watch from any computer with an internet connection
  6. more money goes to the filmmaker and less to production costs, shipping and middle men making it more likely that the “starving artist” will live to tell another story
  7. more environmentally conscious than printing and recycling of disks and packaging
I'm sure there are other good reasons.  Please, fill me in.

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