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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Steelhead Rising in Huge Numbers


Paid in Full boasts over twenty dry fly steelhead rises and they're coming your way in a matter of hours.  If all website work goes according to plan tomorrow, our steelhead sight fishing and dry fly fishing masterpiece, as voted by me, will be available for purchase by late tomorrow.  I'm ecstatic with the final product and given the feedback we've received from several fly fishing industry insiders, many other people will be just as impressed.

The Difference

Unlike some fishing videographers, we keep the camera running by packing lots of batteries.  The result?  You get to see the rise, the take, the hook set, that initial frenetic run and all the incredible surroundings that steelhead call home.  You also get to see steelhead approaching twenty pounds that fell victim to a well presented dry fly and the xxxx-eating grin on the face of the guy that presented that fly.  In addition to carrying lots of batteries, we also use wireless lapel microphones to bring the authentic sounds of a screaming Islander Reel.

I can't wait!

Take your last look at our previous trailer below if you choose as it'll be replaced by Paid in Full's official trailer within hours.

If you can't see the video link, go to

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